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Lake Chelan Kokanee fishing

Lake Chelan Kokanee Fishing:

Lake Chelan Kokanee fishing is the most popular lake to fish for these tasty morsels in the state!  People from all over the state as well as out of state, including Canada come to this lake to fish for these fish.  Lake Chelan has some very big kokanee, ranging from 14-18”, with some being 23-24”! The season itself runs from February to July.

Recently however, the season has seemed to have extended from Mid-December to Mid-August!  Kokanee fishing is becoming increasingly popular because of the abundance of fish that can be caught.

On Lake Chelan, the limit of kokanee per person is ten!  These land-locked Sockeye Salmon are some of the best tasting fish you’ll ever eat. Lake Chelan is cold and deep, but the action is fast and it’s not uncommon for all rods to have a fish on at one time!

Blissful chaos if you will, you’ll be hooked for sure for more kokanee.  Not only are kokanee great eating fish, but kids love catching them as well.  They certainly won’t be bored because of the fast action.

Lake Chelan is one of the deepest lakes in the country (over 1,800ft deep), so the fishing can be different than normal lakes with kokanee in them.  Fishing for kokanee on Lake Chelan can be very challenging.

If you have never fished Lake Chelan for kokanee, book a trip and ask all sorts of questions.  I will answer all your questions and get you hooked on fishing this fantastic lake!

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