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Lake Wenatchee Sockeye fishing

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Lake Wenatchee Sockeye Fishing:

The fishing on Lake Wenatchee changes yearly based upon the returns of fish (call in advance for dates of availability). Bait and scent can not be used on this lake, so fishing at the right depths with the right colors is paramount.  We run single, barbless hooks behind dodgers and let the fish tell us where to fish them.

Lake Wenatchee is a scenic lake nestled at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.  The sockeye return every year and stack up in the lake, prior to their spawn in the local rivers.

These fish must be targeted with the right equipment and in the right locations of Lake Wenatchee.  There is a small window to fish for these Sockeye on Lake Wenatchee, book your trips quickly before all the seats are filled.

If you have never fished Lake Wenatchee for Sockeye, book a trip and ask all sorts of questions.  I will answer all your questions and get you hooked on fishing Lake Wenatchee!

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